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In Leytham you will love being truly home . . . not only to a home that reflects your individual style and personality, but also to a new traditional neighborhood where you can live life to the fullest. Embrace the nine promises of Leytham Life . . . the Life Well Lived.


Leytham is built on the timeless principles of traditional neighborhood design. These principles are common sense ideas about how to build a real community... how to help people feel more connected to their neighbors and their neighborhood... and how to create lasting value. What's amazing is not that Leytham embodies these principles - but that so many new neighborhoods have lost sight of them. Here is a bit about how we did it.

First, we believe that people are more important than cars. So we put the cars and garages in back. We let the people live out front. We build functional, raised front porches that people can really enjoy as they engage passersby. We add green places, civic spaces, shops and every day services, dining and jobs all within easy walking distance. Then we create wider sidewalks and more paths and trails to encourage walking and biking that connect neighbors with neighbors and the services they need. That's the recipe for the tight-knit neighborhoods that used to be the fabric of American communities.

But more than design, Leytham is about people. Community is more about relationships that bind people together than it is about the environment. The residents of Leytham are a "Community of Place" and so they have emotional equity in their community, not just financial equity in their homes. Leytham is a community of bright, energetic and creative neighbors, people who are thinking and talking about things that matter, people who are engaged and engaging. The isolation and disconnection that is so common in today's blandly uniform, sprawling, auto-dependant suburbs is replaced by human interaction, neighborly support, and a true sense of community.

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Leytham~ Omaha's New Traditional Neighborhood


In protecting this land from the typical growth patterns of urban sprawl, Leytham respects both the traditions of our forbearers and the inheritors of our future. That respect shows in the merging of ecologically sound sustainability principles with the design philosophies of light-imprint, compact, walkable, mixed use neighborhoods. The planners, designers, architects and engineers who have teamed to create Leytham have made every effort to lay a light hand upon the land, to practice eco-friendly design and to implement sound best practices.

By creating a new traditional neighborhood for younger singles and couples, traditional and non-traditional families and empty-nesters and retirees, Leytham values the diversity of contemporary society and the needs of all. The wide variety of home types and sizes will reflect the diversity of Leytham's residents. And when it comes to the actual homes themselves, each member of the select Leytham Builders' Guild is especially well-versed in green building technology and the best Energy Star building methods. The use of native plants and naturalistic and eco-appropriate landscaping will minimize the need for irrigation and the application of chemicals. Whether in the design of the neighborhood, the improvement of the land or the building of the homes, it is this respect for the past and for the future that sets Leytham apart.


young coupleClassic architectural styles at the heart of Leytham offer a broad range of options within a traditional American theme - from Cape Cod and Georgian to Federal and Greek Revival, from farmhouse and foursquare to cottage and bungalow, the visual harmony created within the diversity of uniquely designed homes creates an experience unlike any conventional subdivision. At Leytham you have not only exquisite exterior design, correct architectural detailing and classic charm, but also the most modern features, amenities and technology options you desire inside your new home.

New traditional neighborhoods like Leytham are bringing back the diversity that makes our older, best loved neighborhoods . . . neighborhoods like Dundee, Field Club and Happy Hollow . . . so vibrant and stimulating. By providing a wide range of housing options, Leytham is a place for first homes as well as dream homes. It's an intergenerational place for young families with children, successful professionals, empty nesters, and grandparents. Not only does this provide for richer personal interaction and a more vital social scene, it lets our residents transition through the stages of life without having to leave the community.

So Leytham is proud to have many housing options for very wide variety of ages and budgets. Single family choices include small bungalows, mid-range homes and large estates. Other options are available in row houses, carriage houses, town house, apartment flats and condominiums. With so much variety, there is a choice of housing type and price range to suit nearly everyone!


Too much of beauty has been lost in the way we have created suburbia. They say that if you want to change the world, you should start in your own backyard. If that's so, then Leytham is quite a beginning. Or maybe a return to the values of a time gone by when there was more of grace and beauty in everyday life.

The splendor of the virgin prairie that first greeted the Leytham family when they came here in 1860 has been honored in the new traditional neighborhood of Leytham. Much of the beautiful, natural contour of the land has been retained and protected. With over fourteen acres of preserved, natural creek and low meadow, and another 20 acres of community common area, there is more than ample green space, including parks, greenways, rambles, walking paths, natural areas and places to gather for festivals and fun.

The built environment will be beautifully designed and carefully crafted so that the private homes, shops and civic buildings all reflect and enhance the natural beauty of the neighborhood. A place where both the natural and the built environments come together in simple, harmonious beauty is a place that people instinctively love. And all of that will foster the beauty of friendships and human connections. Such a place is Leytham.


When you choose to live at Leytham, you are choosing an investment that yields far more than a new address. Our careful selection of builders, high quality design and detailed craftsmanship will ensure that your traditionally styled new home has all of the modern options you desire, the highest standard of construction, the best quality materials, and a floor plan that functions for contemporary life styles. It all adds up to a home that will stand the test of time and will retain and enhance its value, especially compared to houses in conventional suburban sprawl single- purpose subdivisions.

But even more than that, you are investing in a quality of life that is unique in the Omaha area with community activities, green spaces landscaped by Mother Nature herself, and shops and services in the center of town all within an easy walk. So here's just one very tangible and meaningful benefit: the family that owns one less car saves an average of $8,273 per year according to the American Automobile Association. This translates to $689 more disposable income per month or the mortgage payment on $121,400 of home value at today's mortgage rates. With so many daily needs and perhaps even your job within an easy walk, you just might be able to trade in your extra car for even more house . . . or less debt.

When you choose to live at Leytham, you are choosing the best kind of value - the lasting value of your home and community, plus the unspoken value that comes from living life to its fullest.


young coupleIn a community designed for all age groups, it's only natural that leisure opportunities are created for everyone from energetic tots to their active grandparents. In Leytham, you will find a neighborhood that actually fosters a child's growing sense of independence, while simultaneously providing a safer, more nurturing place to grow. Small parks and playgrounds are close to every home. Walking trails and bike paths meander throughout the community. Festival, celebrations and gatherings at the Commons-the focal point of Leytham -- are scheduled throughout the year. Shops and boutiques at the town center offer surprising finds and invite you to stop in for a leisurely browse. A rousing game of checkers can be enjoyed on your front porch, and the community wine cellar is available for more mature pursuits.

Of course, you can't forget backyard barbeques and block parties in the rambles with your neighbors! And where else but Leytham will you find an observation tower with fireplaces at the base and a broad green suitable for croquet and informal games? Yes, you are going to make memories that last a lifetime when you live the Leytham Life!


Leytham is designed to be safer. Narrow streets with on street parking slow and calm traffic, making it safer for pedestrians. Alleys and narrower streets, with their slow, forward moving flow, are generally considered to be safer for children than cul-de-sacs and their wider, higher-speed collector streets. That's because children are in danger of being backed over in the cul-de-sac or being injured crossing the higher speed, wider collector street. Wide sidewalks and paths throughout the neighborhood coupled with compelling, walkable focal points encourage the chance meetings among neighbors that forge a sense of community. Raised, functional front porches invite "eyes on the street" and impromptu front porch conversations with passers-by.

In a new traditional neighborhood adults actually learn the names of children who are not their own and then they tend to watch over those children. Contented living at Leytham includes the comfort, security and delight in the relationships you will build with your neighbors. This neighborly interaction leads people to look out for each other and to know when something might be amiss. Friendships will blossom in this unique, tight-knit community and along with that, the reassurance that you are watching out for each other's safety and security - as friends and neighbors do.

woman at the marketCONVENIENCE

What could be more relaxing than a leisurely 5-minute walk to the local coffee shop to get a cup of java and the morning paper?

In a conventional subdivision, only about twenty percent of all car trips are work related. The other eighty percent is running the kids to school and their events, shopping, daily errands and for recreation and leisure. At Leytham, every little errand no longer means driving for miles, going from store to store. As we say in Leytham, "It shouldn't take a gallon of gas to get a gallon of milk." So the convenience of Leytham's community design and mix of uses means many of life's necessities and leisure activities are within an easy walk or bike ride right within the neighborhood. Most of Leytham's home sites are designed to be within a five minute, quarter- mile walk from the center of the neighborhood. You save gas, personal energy, money and time --- time you can now spend enjoying special moments with friends and family, pursuing your favorite hobbies, and savoring all the best that the Leytham Life has to offer.


The stress-free ambiance and well-designed surroundings that are hallmarks of life at Leytham ensure healthy living, not only inside your home but in the great outdoors as well. The greener built homes in Leytham will provide you with increased air quality in your home, and a healthier home means a more healthy you!

Numerous studies have linked suburban sprawl, with its dependence on cars and commuting, to very real health problems in America. Stress, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes are a byproduct of Americans driving more and walking less. By putting many of life's necessities—including jobs, shopping, recreation and schools—within walking or biking distance from home, being active becomes part of a daily routine. Exercise and healthful activity go from merely something on your to-do list to something you actually do every day. See how our site plan promotes healthy living.

This is Leytham Life . . . Life Well Lived!